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Our work is 100% donor-supported and needs your support.

We are Donor-Supported

LANRE + RODEMI are donor-supported, divinely-ordained Gospel Brokers.
The Team spends money and resources to publish and distribute free Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives (POSE) everywhere.

Forever Free

As a humanitarian work, the free Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives (POSE) — Exhorter, Mitigator, Establisher, Enthroner and Enhancers — are free and will remain forever free.

As it is written in Matthew 10:8; “Freely you received, freely give.” You can't buy the Truth and Grace/Blessings of God with money.

Peter told Simon the Sorcerer that it is an offence and insult to God, for anyone to place a price on the Truth and Blessings/Grace of God — Acts 8:15-23/Luke 8:3.

How to Donate

If you are interested in rendering generous and freewill financial, infrastructural or material support to our Ministry of the Word of Truth and Grace,

Help us to reach the world by sending your generous and freewill donations through:


Bank Transfer

Name of Bank: Wema Bank
Account Number: 0238751213
Account Name: Olanrewaju Pedro