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Frequently Asked Questions

We have given below answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Optimizers for Senior Executive (POSE)

  • What are Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives ( POSE )?
    Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives ( POSE ) are Truth and Grace from God through Jesus His Voice.

    They are to improve the Management Ability of Senior Executives, making their performance pleasing to God and also truthful, fair, friendly and beneficial to all.

    • The Truth — for Identifying the 56 Fundamental Needs.
    • The Grace — for Imparting the 56 Fundamental Needs.
  • What Does Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives ( POSE ) Do?
    POSE focuses on Betterment of Performance via Betterment of Character − John 3:30 / James 1:27 / 2 Peter 1:4 / Romans 11:29; 14:19 / Ephesians 4:29.
    It solves "The Performance Gap" in Senior Executives in the Public, Private and Social Sectors by:

    • Decreasing their ungodly character ( ungodly management ability )
    • Increasing their godly character ( godly management ability )
  • What is the Topmost Priority of Senior Executives?
    The Primary Responsibility of Senior Executives is to intentionally seek and acquire the free godly character that will enable them to discharge their Personal and Professional Responsibilities in a diligent, efficient and effective manner.
    The priority involves the:

    • Identifying of 56 Fundamental Needs via Discovery Fellowships with God
    • Meeting of 56 Fundamental Needs via Development Fellowships with God
  • Who are these Senior Executives?
    Senior Executives are the key drivers of the global economy.

    At the helm of affairs of families and organisations, they formulate, oversee and implement key policies, laws and regulations that foster inclusive, sustainable, godly peace and economic growth.

    Below are some descriptions of organisations in the Public, Private and Social Sector.

    Public : Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Regulatory Institutions

    Private : Profit-driven Companies, Schools owned by Individuals and Entities

    Social : Nonprofits e.g. homes, foundations, clubs, associations, CSOs, CBOs
  • What is the Performance Gap?
    Performance Gap is the real difference between the imperfect performance of Senior Executives and the godly, excellent performance the Almighty God expects of them.
  • What are the Root Causes of Performance Gap?
    The Real, Root Causes of the Multi-faceted Crisis in all nations of the world are:

    • Bad Performance due to abundance of ungodly character − 2 Peter 2:7
    • Poor Performance due to lack of godly character − Romans 7:15-20
  • What are the Consequences of Performance Gap?
    The consequences are natural and man-made disasters, personal and business failures and resultant loss of jobs, homes and reputation − Mark 7:14-23 / Proverbs 28:15; 29:2.

    When Senior Executives fail, stumble or fumble, it affects everyone, everywhere.
  • How much is POSE?
    Money can't buy godly character. The godly character that POSE bestows is priceless.

    POSE is 100% free. It saves time, energy and money − Matthew 10:8b / Acts 8:18-20.
  • How does POSE Equip Senior Executives for Excellence?
    1. Management Enlightenment via Sermons
    The Truth from Jesus the Voice of God is for Sensitizing the Uninformed − Micah 7:20 / Job 22:21 / John 8:32.

    2. Management Development via Proclamations
    The Grace ( the Gift ) from Jesus is for Softening the Uncaring, Straightening the Unrepentant and Unbelieving, Smoothening the Unredeemed, the Unenergized, the Unlighted and the Upright − Acts 1:1; 15:11 / 1 Peter 5:10 / Romans 11:29.
  • What is the Mission and Vision of POSE?
    Life-Before Death: With POSE, Senior Executives will be able to carry out God-Given Character Mitigation and Reformation Tasks, that make all creatures to be viceless and virtuous through “increase in moral quietness, peace, prosperity and sacrosanctity.”

    Life-After Death: After physical death, Senior Executives who used POSE, will be judged by God as highly impactful and eternally successful, and shall joyfully dwell with God in Paradise − Joshua 1:7-8 / Matthew 25:31-46 / Psalm 37:16 / Proverbs 22:1.
  • What is the Purpose of POSE?
    “Equipping You for Excellence” is the tagline of POSE.

    As the tagline states, POSE makes the character of Senior Executives to be godly, so they can Exhibit Physical Fitness and Durability as well as Excel in the:

    • collations and perceptions of their Minds
    • opinions and decisions of their Hearts
    • affections and associations of their Souls
    • communications and actions of their Spirits

    — 2 Corinthians 8:7 / 2 Timothy 3:16-17 / 3 John 1:2.
  • Who are the Distributors and Distribution Channels of POSE?
    POSE is digitally distributed by Lanre, Rodemi and Lanre jr. Pedro − 2 Corinthians 10:13 / Galatians 2:7-9; 1:16.

    It can be downloaded and used anywhere — at work, at home or in transit — anyday, anytime, anypace, without stress.
  • What is the Role of God?
    1. To Appoint and Train Gospel Brokers — Mark 3:13-15
    2. To Deploy Gospel Brokers — Matthew 10:5-10
    3. To Listen to the Supplications of the Gospel Brokers.
    4. To Provide Performance Optimizers ( Truth and Grace ) for Senior Executives.
    5. To Enforce the Prevailing Proclamations ( Intercessions, Fasting, Repentance, Faith, Prayers and Testimonies ) uttered by Senior Executives.
  • What is the Role of LANRE+RODEMI?
    1. Profitable Supplications.
      As Gospel Brokers, they Represent Senior Executives to God by Bringing to Him the Basic Management Problems of all creatures in general and Senior Executives in particular — Exodus 18:19.

    2. Ministry of the Word.
      As Gospel Brokers, they Represent God to Senior Executives by Distributing Performance Optimizers from God to them — Exodus 18:20 / Isaiah 46:10; 48:17 / John 1:14, 17 / Acts 6:4 / 2 Timothy 3:16.

      The Optimizers are:
      • Truth of God for Learning from Jesus through Succinct Sermons
      • Grace of God for:
        — Enduring with Jesus via Prevailing Intercessions
        — Living with Jesus via Prevailing Fasting, Repentance, Faith, Testimonies
        — Reigning with Jesus via Prevailing Fasting, Prayers and Testimonies
  • What is the Role of Senior Executives?
    1. To Know the Will of God by Reading Succinct Sermons.
    2. To Do the Will of God by Uttering Prevailing Intercessions, Fasting, Repentance, Faith, Prayers and Testimonies — John 2:5; 15:14 / Luke 8:21; 11:28

Download the POSE FAQ in .pdf Here