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... in Public, Private and Social Sectors of the economy.

Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives

Performance Optimizers for Senior Executives ( POSE ) is a divine initiative for Betterment of Performance of Senior Executives through Betterment of their Character.

They are for Hearing Divine Truth and Receiving Divine Grace through Jesus the Voice of God.

For the success or failure of any society, basically depends on the performances of its Senior Executives.

POSE is essential because Senior Executives are the key drivers of the global economy.

Senior Executives formulate, oversee and implement the key policies, laws and regulations, needed for sustainable, inclusive peace and economic growth in families, organisations and nations.

POSE helps Senior Executives to fulfill their Primary Responsibility of using:

  • Discovery Fellowships with God the Architect to discover His Optimization Plan.

  • Development Fellowships with God the Builder to develop the godly character to demonstrate godly diligence, efficiency and effectiveness in their Personal and Professional Responsibilities.

Excel in Everything

Developing Godly Senior Executives that Exhibit Physical Fitness and Durability as well as Excel in the:

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The Vision

A New, Godly World ( Heavens and Earth ) where:

  • All Natural Capital in the Heavens are Viceless and Virtuous.

  • All Human and Natural Capital on the Earth are Viceless and Virtuous.

The Mission

To gradually reduce and eventually eliminate the root of bad and poor performance in the world by fostering:

  • Moral Literacy through divine exhortation.
  • Moral Quietness through restriction / frightening of evil personnel.
  • Moral Peace through decrease in evil personnel, image and mark.
  • Moral Prosperity through increase in divine personnel and image.
  • Moral Sacrosanctity through affixing of divine mark.

The Purpose

Developing Godly Senior Executives that Exhibit Physical Fitness and Durability as well as Excel in the:

  • Collations & Perceptions of their Minds
  • Opinions & Decisions of their Hearts
  • Affections & Associations of their Souls
  • Communications & Actions of their Spirits

The Strategy

The two-pronged strategy of POSE provides free divine solutions to the wide-ranging, fundamental management problems bedeviling all Senior Executives. POSE offers:

  • Management Enlightenment Guidebooks
    — for Identifying 56 Fundamental Needs.

  • Management Development Workbooks
    — for Meeting 56 Fundamental Needs.

The Impact

With POSE, Senior Executives will leave their families, communities, organisations and nations in a better state than they met them.

There will be continuous Improvement in Procreation, Durability, Relationships and Livelihoods through:

  • Gradual reduction in natural disasters and unfavourable climatic conditions.

  • Gradual reduction in man-made disasters and inconducive business environment.